Nature Printed Illustrations

Nature Printing refers to a technique in which the image of an object is reproduced life-size by inking or pigmenting that object. The RBGE collections include a number of works that use this technique:

The Collection

  • Henry Craven Baildon

    • Nature printed ferns, 186* (see sample illustration on this page)

    Frederick Manson Bailey & Karl Theodor Staiger

    • An illustrated monograph of the grasses of Queensland, 1879

    Paulo Boccone (1633-1704)

    • A small collection of nature prints of Sicilian plants made in the late 17th century

    Henry Riley Bradbury (1829-1860)

    • A few leaves represented by nature printing, 1854
    • Published works on ferns and seaweeds

    Hugh Cleghorn (1820-1895)

    • Numerous original works made in the Madras Presidency by  Cleghorn in the 1850s.
    • see also The Indian Collections
    Henry Baildon nature print showing a green fern.
  • John Frederick Doughty (1943- )

    Born in Denver, Colorado, John Doughty is a self-taught printer, making his first nature prints in 1980.

    Johann Jakob Hunziker (1831-1923)

    • Nature’s Selfprinting, Mangalore, 1862

    Johann Hieronymus Kniphof (1704-1763)

    • Botanica in Originali seu Herbarium vivum - published in the 1760s in twelve parts, each with 100 plants

    Henry Smith

    • Nature Printing from Unprepared Plants, Madras, 1857

    Catherine Mary Stirling [née Wellings] (1819-1879)

    The wife of John Stirling (1811-1882), 7th of Kippendavie (Kippenross), Catherine wrote up her method of nature printing in a communication read by Thomas Croxen Archer to a meeting of the Botanical Society of Edinburgh, See Transactions of the Botanical Society of Edinburgh, 7: 529-530 (1863) 

    Nature print by John Doughty

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