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Green Logan

Logan is fully committed to Green issues and its own contribution to the environment. It aims to work in a sustainable and ecologically friendly way.

Green Logan

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Visitors are very welcome to take photographs and short videos in the Garden for personal use. All filming and photography for commercial use is by permit only; please check the Media and Commercial Photography page.

Garden Regulations

Logan Botanic Garden is a precious museum of living plants.  The Garden's team has a duty to protect the Collection.  Therefore, please note our regulations:

  • Visitors with assistance dogs are welcome.  However, pet dogs will not be able to access the grounds
  • Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult
  • We do not allow bicycles, scooters, frisbee, kites, footballs, mechanically-operated toys and models or drone cameras for personal use into the Garden 
  • No jogging or running is permitted inside the grounds

Also as part of our rules and regulations, visitors are not permitted to:

  • pick, cut or destroy any flower or part tree, shrub or plant
  • bring into the Garden any flowers or plant life
  • bring any package or other article or container after being requested by the staff not to do so
  • climb any tree, railing, fence or structure
  • enter any part of the Garden after having been requested by Garden staff not to do so or in contravention of any notice or sign displayed at any part of the grounds or remain in any part of the Garden after having been requested by staff to leave it
  • behave or be clothed, whilst in any part of the Garden, in a manner reasonably likely to offend against public decency
  • fish, bathe or swim in any part of the Garden
  • collect or solicit money in the Garden

Acts for which written permission is required:

  • Undertake any trade or business in the Garden
  • Sell or distribute anything or offer anything for sale or hire
  • Exhibit or affix any notice, advertisement or other written or pictorial matter or give any display, performance or representation
  • Play or cause to be played any musical instrument in any part of the Garden
  • Make or give any public speech or address
  • Take, in any part of the Garden, photographs for commercial purposes
  • Play any game or engage in any form of sport of physical exercise in the Garden
  • Light a fire or discharge any firearm, firework or other weapon or missile





  • Getting there

    Logan Botanic Garden is located 14 miles south of Stranraer in the Rhins of Galloway, off the A716 and the B7065.

    Train: the closest railway station is Stranraer served by Scotrail

    Address: Port Logan, Stranraer, Dumfries and Galloway DG9 9ND

  • Contact the Visitor Welcome Team at Logan

    If you have any queries relating to visitor facilities, please call us on +44 (0) 1776 860 231 or get in touch by using the enquiry form.


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