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Papers in peer-reviewed journals, book chapters


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Selected current projects

Phylogeny of the genus Orthodontium and the status of the threatened UK priority conservation species Orthodotium gracile.

Phylogenetic structure, biogeography and taxonomy of Scotland's oceanic liverwort heath community ("mixed northern hepatic mat").

Evolutionary development of branching forms in pleurocarpous mosses (in collaboration with Yoan Coudert at the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Lyon).

Taxonomy, phylogeny and species discovery in the Polytrichaceae (multiple collaborators).

Research group and teaching


Isuru Kariyawasam (current) - Rebooting Systematics for Morphologically Cryptic Taxa in the Genomic Age – A Molecular Taxonomic Revision of Polytrichum Hedw. Sect. Polytrichum (Polytrichaceae). University of Edinburgh.


Diego Sánchez-Ganfornina (current) - Dating the diversification of Australasian dendroid mosses in the order Hypnodendrales (and addressing unresolved taxonomic questions). University of Edinburgh.

MSc (2nd supervisor)

Isuru Kariyawasam (2013) - Taxonomic Revision of Oligotrichum DC. in Lam. & DC. (Polytrichaceae) in the Sino-Himalaya.

Current teaching

MSc Plant Taxonomy and Biodiversity - Bryophytes.

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Editorial Roles

Editor-in-Chief, Edinburgh Journal of Botany

Scientific Editor, Journal of Bryology

Societies and Committees

Member of Council, British Bryological Society

Chair of Publications Committee, British Bryological Society