Our work to combat the Climate Emergency

What next?

The Future

Our imminent Edinburgh Biomes programme will protect and dramatically enhance our scientific and engagement activities, while also reducing our own direct carbon emissions: carbon losses from our glasshouses will be cut by 12%, and energy use by up to 50%, through sustainable energy generation, increased efficiencies and reduced heat losses.

A ramped path leads a wheelchair user and visitor through plantings in a Glasshouse
Join us!

Join RBGE in combatting the climate emergency. Come and see us at one of our four gardens across Scotland. Immerse yourself in the beauty of plants from around the world and learn about our work to protect them from the worst effects of the climate emergency.

Make changes in your own life. Could you switch to a renewable energy supplier? Use public transport more? Eat less meat and dairy? Or holiday by train, boat or bicycle – make the journey part of the adventure!

Get the attention of those in power – both business and government – by spending wisely, joining campaigns, and using your vote.

Support our work to monitor, minimise and mitigate the climate emergency around the world. If you are able, you can support us financially here.