The Hidden World of Mosses

by Neil Bell

  • The Hidden World of Mosses takes a deep dive into the tiny world we pass by every day.

    Mosses have a spectacular diversity of beautiful and surprising forms. They are nearly always, what we as humans would consider, small; but they play a critical role in climate change prevention and have an ability to hold and control water in forests, uplands and valleys. Hidden World of Mosses explores the tiny, intriguing environments of these plants that have their own miniature forests filled with grazers and predators, and their own ecological norms and mechanics.

    The Hidden World of Mosses provides an accessible guide to these not-so-humble botanical gems.  Written by bryologist Dr Neil Bell, the book presents information about these incredible plants, exploring their tiny, intriguing and diverse environments in detail.  This fascinating book also contains hundreds of stunning photographs which reveal the beauty and splendour of moss.


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