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Selected Refereed Publications

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Book Chapters

Hayden, K.J., Garbelotto, M. 2015. Protocol 02-11.1: Detached leaf inoculation for tanoak. in: Ivors, K. (Ed.) Laboratory Protocols for Phytophthora species. American Phytopathological Society, online

Hayden, K.J., Hardy, G.E.St.J., Garbelotto, M. Oomycete Diseases. 2013. In: Gonthier, P., Nicoletti, G. (Eds.), Infectious Forest Diseases, CABI, Oxfordshire, UK.

Membership and committees

Fellow 2016 Scottish Crucible, and member of the Royal Society of Biology, the British Mycological Society. Represents RBGE in the International Plant Sentinel Network and the UK Tree Health Citizen Science Network. Steering groups of the Edinburgh Plant Sciences, and the Scottish Government’s Natural Asset Register Data Portal, and Risks of Phytophthora species to the Scottish environment and rural economy project.

Research Group and Teaching

PhD (visiting)

Agathe Maupetit (2017) Evolution of aggressiveness and morphological traits in the poplar rust fungus Melampsora larici-populina following a major resistance breakdown. INRA Nancy, Université de Lorraine


Xueyang Huang (2018) Consistency of taxonomic assignment methods for Phytophthora sp. University of Edinburgh

Malcolm Gibson (2017) Mapping the plant destroyer: Phytophthora at RBGE. University of Edinburgh

Current Teaching

MSc Plant Taxonomy and Biodiversity (University of Edinburgh & RBGE)

  • Mycology
  • Biosecurity and plant conservation

MSc Sustainable Plant Health (SRUC)

  • Forensic plant health in a conservation organisation

HND in Horticulture with Plantsmanship

  • Mycology
  • Epidemiology of plant diseases