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Our four Gardens, the only Gardens in Scotland, have signed up to Silent Space to provide green places for quiet reflection.

This not-for-profit project was set up by garden writer Liz Ware in 2016. Having identified the value in spending time in calming, quiet, green spaces as an antidote to the stresses of everyday life (especially for those of us living in an urban setting), she invited some gardens open to the public to consider taking part in the scheme. The concept is simple. For a few hours each week, an area within the garden is to be designated only for silent visiting, with visitors encouraged to switch off from social media, put down the selfie stick and simply enjoy the quiet. Feedback was very positive, with Liz noting comments such as 'It's wonderful to have permission to be silent.' As awareness of the benefits of spending time in green spaces has grown, so too have the numbers of gardens taking part in the scheme.


Benmore Botanic Garden


The first garden in Scotland to have joined Silent Space, encouraging visitors to sit for a while, take in the views and listen to nature in our two Silent Spaces.

  • The first is situated in a secluded spot among a hillside collection of Species Rhododendrons with magnificent views across the garden and Strath Eachaig to the mountains in the east.
  • The other is in the Golden Gates Arboretum among many giant conifers including Giant Redwoods, Douglas Fir and Scots Pine.


Dawyck Botanic Garden


The Garden itself means different things to many people, but at its core, it is a wonderful place to take time out from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, while also enjoying a moment of quiet reflection.

More so now than ever before, it is vital that we strive to safeguard our sanctity by momentarily cutting loose from the clutter of gadgets and noise in everyday life and take some time for our inner being.

A quiet space in a garden gives us this all important chance to do this and recharge the soul.

You will find it between the Nepal Seat and the Dynamo Pond.


Logan Botanic Garden


The first garden in Dumfries and Galloway to have joined Silent Space, encouraging visitors to sit for a while, take in the exotic views, delight in the aromatic smells and listen to nature in our Silent Space.

Located in the Tasmanian Creek, this secluded setting can allow for peaceful reflection and tranquility.


Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

Silent space


The latest Garden to have joined Silent Space.

It began as Scotland’s first physic garden in 1670. Today, a plant collection of over 13,500 species is cultivated in 25 hectares of garden landscape. The importance of RBGE not only lies in the plant biodiversity research undertaken and the education programmes offered, but also as a green space in the middle of Scotland’s capital city.

Affectionately known by some as the 'Secret Garden', this quiet little spot, tucked away from the busiest garden routes, is located just a short wander from Inverleith House .It offers a moment of calm amid the bustle of everyday life, a place to rest your legs and slow your mind.

The area is overlooked by a Magnolia campbellii which each spring produces a wonderful spectacle with large flowers adorning its branches, glowing pink against the clear blue skies. Beneath the established Rhododendron species and a number of recently planted trees, shrubs and climbers is a selection of carefully considered herbaceous plants in soothing shades of blue, pink, white and pale green. With delicate clouds of Corydalis in spring, drifts of feathery Astilbe throughout the summer and a backdrop of autumn colour in the colder months, all you have to do is sit down, switch off and enjoy!

The Garden also took part in Project Soothe in 2017, in association with the University of Edinburgh.  More about the project here.