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Dawyck Botanic Garden

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[captions] A world renowned arboretum
Home to some of Britain's oldest and tallest trees
Silver fir, Abies alba, Dawyck's oldest tree, nearly 350 years old
Dawyck beech, Fagus sylvatica, over 170 years old
multi-stemmed Douglas fir, Pseudotsuga menziesii, over 180 years old
Dawyck's continental climate enables plants from as far afield as Nepal, China and Chile to thrive
Azaleas, Meconopsis the Himalyan blue popy, Rhododendrons, many threatened in their native habitats
The Garden is alive with lichens
Sicilian fir, Abies nebrodensis, critically endangered in the wild, conserved at Dawyck
New plantings are creating future generations of trees
Dawyck Botanic Garden, plant conservation in Scotland for the world