PhD students at RBGE

Getting a place

  • PhD students based at RBGE are registered at a range of universities worldwide and across the UK, and follow the entry requirements and assessment procedures of the university they are registered with. Supervisors at the degree-awarding university may be very involved in the project, or may take a more back seat role. RBGE staff should be able to advise on university partners for self-designed projects. If you have an idea of what you would like to work on, contact a staff member to discuss the project. PhDs at RBGE are also listed at https://www.findaphd.com/.

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  • Information on funding for prospective University of Edinburgh students can be found here. RBGE students from overseas are often are funded by scholarships from their home countries, but many of our students are registered at the University of Edinburgh through their Doctoral training Programs (E4 and EastBio) or Darwin Fellowships.

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Our students