I draw plants because I consider them an important part of space for life.


  • Born and based in Moscow, Russia, botanical artist and illustrator, was educated as a botanist (Lomonosov Moscow State University, 1996-2004). Has studied classical painting and Japanese ink painting. Works as a botanist and GIS specialist for nature conservancy NGOs since 2005. Illustrates plant and mushroom field guides and plant atlases since 2014. Guest teacher of botanical illustration at Biological faculty and Botanical Garden of Lomonosov Moscow State University since 2015. Participant and organizer at different group botanical art exhibitions. Have performed three one-person botanical illustration exhibitions.


    Photograph of Natalia Alatortseva
  • Exhibitions and Awards


    The SBA ‘PLANTAE’ exhibition 2020, online


    22nd Annual International ASBA exhibition, San Francisco

    “Plants of Red Book of Moscow”, Watercolour train, Moscow, subway

    The SBA ‘PLANTAE’ exhibition 2019, London


    21st Annual International ASBA exhibition, New York

    Botanical Art Worldwide: Flora of Russia, St. Petersburg


    “Science Meets Art: Past Joins Present, East Encounters West”, Botanical Art exhibition at the 19th International Botanical Congress, Shenzhen

    “Botanical atlas: Grass and Trees”, Moscow, solo exhibition