Our algae collection numbers approximately 40,000 specimens from across the globe with geographic focus on Scotland and a taxonomic focus on the Red Algae

Important Historical Collections

  • Walker-Arnott 1850s-1860s, British Isles
  • William Edgar Evans 1900s-1940s, Africa, Europe
  • Amelia Warren Griffiths 1830s-1840s, England
  • William Henry Harvey 1833-1850, global
  • Henry Halcro Johnston (1940s) Orkney, Scotland
  • Miss Hutchins 1808, Republic of Ireland
  • Rev. David Landsborough 1849-1853, Scotland and Jersey
  • Dr. David Lyall 1840s-1860s, British Isles, Chile, New Zealand
  • James Sinclair 1940s, Scotland, Singapore and Malaysia
  • Josephine Elizabeth Tilden 1898-1912, USA and Canada
  • Robert Wight 1820s-1830s, India
  • Mary Wyatt 1833-1840, Devon, England
  • Rev. James Yuill 1850s-1870s, Peterhead, Scotland

Major Collections

  • Top set of the Robert K Greville Herbarium 1820-1856, global
  • David Edward Guthrie Irvine Herbarium 1948-1988 Predominantly British, global
  • Archibald Menzies herbarium 1777-1800s, global
  • George William Traill Herbarium 1870s-1900, global
  • Glasgow Herbarium foreign algae collection

Recent Collections

  • Teresa Bennett 1984, British Isles
  • Helen L. Caldwell 1961-1985, British Isles
  • Sarah L. Fowler 1960s-1980s,
  • Christine Howsan 1980s-1990s
  • Helen M. Jones 1990s, British Isles
  • Harry T. Powell Herbarium 1940s-1980s, British Isles (predominantly Scotland) and North America

Surveys and Expeditions

  • Kerguelen Land from the Challenger Expedition of 1874
  • Transit of Venus Expedition 1875
  • Outer Hebridean Survey 1960s-1980s
  • Outer Hebrides specimens for the Marine Nature Conservation Review Survey 1980s-1990s