Scientific and Technical Services Staff

Meet the Scientific and Technical Services Team

Dr Michelle Hart, Head of Scientific and Technical Services

As Head of Scientific and Technical Services (STS), Michelle is responsible for the provision and maintenance of the research laboratories and associated services at RBGE. The lab facilities are a core shared-use facility, supporting a diverse range of research activities.

Michelle is responsible for developing these facilities to accommodate changes…

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Frieda Christie, Microscopy Technician

Frieda Christie retired from RBGE in 2021 after working at RBGE for over 28 years as our microscopist. She worked with people from all over the world to use microscopy to look in stunning scientific detail at our plant collections. In addition to the many scientific publications that Frieda…

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Dr Laura Lowe Forrest, Molecular Laboratory Manager

Laura Forrest (ORCID; Scopus) has been employed at RBGE since 2011, where she provides technical support in the molecular laboratory as part of the Scientific and Technical Services (STS) team. This includes training and practical support for staff and visitors, and for undergraduate, masters and PhD students, lecturing on bryology…

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Ruth Hollands, General Laboratory Manager

Ruth has worked at RBGE for over 30 years, starting her career as an Assistance Scientific Officer in the lab and Cryptogam section of the Herbarium. With the formation of the Scientific and Technical Services (STS) section in 1992, she moved away from the Herbarium to become the General Lab…

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Dr Flávia Fonseca Pezzini, Bioinformatician

I am a Bioinformatician at RBGE supporting the research of staff and students. In addition, I investigate the nature of plant species and the evolutionary history of the Neotropics.

I work in collaboration with RBGE staff and students integrating new and existing genomics resources into our research. I provide…

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Dr Giada Ferrari, Herbarium Genomics Research Assistant

Giada obtained her PhD in evolutionary biology from the University of Zurich, working on shotgun metagenomic approaches to detect pathogens in preserved soft tissues. She then held a postdoc position at the University of Oslo, focusing on ancient genomics of archaeological fish material.

Her research interests lie in genomics of…

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Dr Kanae Nishii, Laboratory Technician, Research Associate

Kanae Nishii has interests in evolutionary development and systematics in the family Gesneriaceae, in particular the genus Streptocarpus. KN is a laboratory technician and holds research associateships in the Tropical Diversity section at RBGE and Kanagawa University in Japan, carrying out research in both institutes.

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