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Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

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- Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh
- a world centre of engagement with plants and globally important conservation collection
- the Wollemi pine, Wollemia nobilis, critically endangered in the wild
- Chinese paperback maple, Acer griseum, isolated in fragmented populations in the wild
- the maidenhair tree, Ginkgo biloba, oce thought to be extinct in the wild, thriving at the Botanics
- Edinburgh showcases the world of rhododendrons. The Garden is the guardian of a globally important collection [image of plant label 'Rhododendron macbeanum, Conservation Status: Endangered']
- Plant collections from China...to Nepal...and Scotland. Safeguarding biodiversity.
- the wooly willow, Salix lanata, vulnerable in the UK
- Catacol whitebeam, Hedlundia pseudomeinichii, critically endangered.
- Plant conservation in Scotland for the word