Save the PALM HOUSES at Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

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In a world where 40% of plant species are at risk of extinction, our scientists and horticulturists rely on this resource under glass to spearhead the urgent battle against global biodiversity loss.

However, nearly 200 years have taken their toll. The stonework has crumbled, the ironwork rusted, the glasswork broken and ineffective. We need your support.

Without your help, the Palm Houses, once resilient symbols of biodiversity, are at risk, jeopardising their role in conservation.

Every contribution ensures a resilient future for the Palm Houses, where biodiversity thrives and history endures.

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Save the Palm Houses

Your donation will make a difference

We need to raise £250,000 towards the completion of the Palm Houses Restoration. Join us in cultivating a legacy that inspires, educates, and stands as a beacon of hope amid the climate crisis.

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Protect the Living Collection

40% of plant species are at risk of extinction. Help us to protect the tens of thousands of species we protect in our Gardens

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Help Tackle Biodiversity Loss

By providing a refuge to species across the world we can help to combat the climate crisis

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Save The Palm Houses

Our revitalised Palm Houses will be a living classroom, showcasing the beauty and importance of these exquisite plants

Your Impact

Your support is an investment in a greener, more resilient future.

Species like the majestic Black Tree Fern, with its 5-meter fronds, will flourish, turning the Palm Houses into a living classroom.

Each new pane of glass is a testament to sustainability, using reinforced glass to keep the plants protected and energy usage down.

Your support is not just a donation; it is a pledge to uphold the beauty, biodiversity, and historical legacy of our garden.

Whether you give £10 or £100, with matched funding your gift will make an impact. Please donate today.

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