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Mr Walter Gilmour (1955)

SHARED MEMORIES 350th YEAR Having trained as a Horticultural Student at the R.B.G I realised as we all did in 1955/58 these three years were the best years of our lives. The training in all departments set us up for the future ahead. In the early days, I seemed to be a bit accident prone in some hand tool breakages (I'm sure they were poor quality) however I remember when working in the rock garden re-positioning some heavy Conglomerate Rocks one rolled over and smashed a barrow. Our assistant Curator Alf Evans and his foreman Fred Woods were not amused as they were well known to all as perfectionists (I was a marked lad once again). Many years passed and thanks to the excellent R.B.G training we would all progress with many opportunities and Horticultural positions. On 10th January 2001, I was awarded the Scottish Horticultural Medal by the Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society. It was a lovely evening held in the lecture hall and I was gratefully surprised at the large audience and one special gentleman along from us, our old friend Alf Evans. He later slipped me an envelope which I thought was a congratulatory note but on opening it, found an exaggerated scribbled bill for tools and one large 2-wheeled barrow. Looking along I saw Alf laughing his socks off. Huge congratulations on this Anniversary Walter Gilmour (Now 85)

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