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Mrs Susan Paris (1967)

During the first six months of 1967, I lived in a flat in Inverleith Row and often used to visit the Botanic Gardens. It was a gorgeous day towards the end of May and I decided to walk to the Gardens to do some revision for my end of 1st year degree exams. A photographer spotted me in my bright red undergraduate gown worn over my black ‘Beatles Jumper’ and explained that he was looking for ‘something colourful’ for the Edinburgh Weekly’s new colour printing press. He took photographs of me admiring the rhododendrons in the Gardens and said that I would feature in the first ever colour photograph to appear in the Edinburgh Weekly newspaper. (In the event, I was only in second place, as the previous week’s issue featured a lovely colour landscape photograph!) I loved all the gardens, but I still think my favourite area was the Alpine Garden.

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