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Mrs Gill Davidson (1948)

In 1948, when I was six, I was sent to my Grandparents in Learmonth Avenue. This was because I had whooping cough and presumably to protect my younger brother. My paternal grandmother, Jessie Hardie, was a great one for the outdoors and I well remember a day when I was recovering that we walked to the Botanics. My grandmother had heard the tarmacadam was being replaced on the main road and she thought the smell of it would do me good. At last we arrived and she took me to the rock garden. Whilst she sat I had the most wonderful imaginary game up there and revelled in the colour and smell of the plants. In case I was still infectious, Grannie took me when other children were at school. Soon I was well enough to return to Montrose. In 1960 I started my nurse training at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh and one day made my way back to the Botanical Gardens and went straight to the rockery. I could hardly believe it was the same place for it had shrunk in size from what I fondly remembered! In 1988, with my husband, I came to live in this wonderful city and have enjoyed taking my own children and grandchildren to the Botanics, especially the rockery. One facility I have particularly appreciated is the loan of electric buggies as this enabled me to still bring my husband, when he had dementia, to the Botanics. We have enjoyed many an hour there. Thank you.

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