Isobel Masson Calder

Youngest of four children, Isobel brought loyalty and love to all she met, from her native Aberdeen to far China, Peru and beyond.

Couthy, witty and forthright, her laughter and generosity were legend. A fine cook, she was never happier than when feeding friends or experimenting in her kitchen. She always had some pet project, be it fundraising for local charities in Belize or teaching deaf children in Peru. She loved Paris, where she indulged her love of art and her own creativity.

Elegant, yet down-to-earth and always fun, Isobel loved life. Above all she loved her husband, Stan, her children, Eoghainn and Mhairi, and her grandchildren. She did not live to see them all but she would have been immensely proud of Harry, Anna, Jack, Samuel and Natasha. And they would have loved her.

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