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How to set up your JustGiving Page

Feeling inspired and ready to get involved? Here are the 5 easy steps on how to set up your own JustGiving page and start supporting causes that matter to you.

  1. Visit JustGiving and click on the “Start Fundraising” button.

  2. Select who you are raising money for – select “A Charity” to secure that all your donations will go directly to the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh.

  3. Create your profile using your own details or log into your already existing account.

  4. To select us as your chosen charity, simply search for “Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh” in the popped up search bar and then select us.

  5. Now it is up to you to decide how you want to fundraise for us – it can by taking part in an event, celebrating an occasion or remembering a loved one. Once you have made your decision, simply put in your fundraising details and goals and you are good to go!