Young Gardners in a polytunnel

How to create Fundraising Teams

Everything makes more fun when done with people who make you happy - and that includes fundraising. Here are 5 easy steps on how to create Fundraising Teams and get started on raising funds for the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh.

  1. Create a fundraising page (as described on the 'How to set up your JustGiving page') or head to your already existing page and select the link called “Create a Team”.

  2. Next up, you can give your team a name.

  3. Now you will need to confirm your chosen charity and the event you have decided to take part in.

  4. Customise your profile – add a cover picture and tell the story behind the reason to fundraise and set targets for individual members by using the drop down.

  5. Lastly, choose your team’s web address, select “create a team” and you are good to go!