The Botanics Response Fund

Will you help make a difference to lives of people in our community?

Click here to donate to the Botanics Response Fund

Here are some case studies of how donations to the Botanics Response Fund can help us support the community:

Your gift of:

  • £30 can help us to buy seeds and bulbs for classes of vulnerable adults to sow in our vegetable and wildflower plots

  • £50 can help deliver a sensory class to allow young people with additional support needs to experience the Garden

  • £100 can help deliver practical engagement sessions to inspire children and adults to explore, love, and draw solace from the natural world

  • £250 can help us improve access to the Garden for isolated communities through British Sign Language tours, and parent support activities

  • £500 can help us undertake outreach activities with local groups to develop green spaces and gardens in their neighbourhood

Click here to donate to the Botanics Response Fund


Image credit: Louise King/RBGE