The Glasshouses collections through the seasons

There is something to see in each of the Public glasshouses all year round.

  • In the Summer, the obvious must see highlight is the giant water lilies in the Plants and People house which are at their best in July, stretching in size to match the long days. The Arid lands bloom in the summer as we increase watering and the heat builds as do the Aroids beneath their usually dominate foliage.
  • As in most gardens the Autumn sees fruit developing and the Glasshouses are no exception, look up to see the bananas towering above you, Cacao pods developing on the woody trunks of the Theobroma cacao and the fragrance of the strawberry guava fruit fill the Rainforest Riches glasshouse.
  • Apart from being a haven of warmth, Winter sees the Vireya Rhododendron join the blooming Orchids and winter flowering Pelargoniums, adding a splash of colour to our grey winter days
  • Spring sees fresh new growth on many of our plants adding shades of red to the greens that fill the glasshouses. The red flowers of the powder puff tree will catch your eye and keep your eyes open for the unusual coloured flowers of the Jade vine.