Selected Publications

Goodwin, Z.A. et al. (2020) How long does it take to discover a species? Systematics and Biodiversity

Goodwin, Z.A. et al. (2020) Belize and the RBGE: Reflecting on 16 years of collaborative trainingEdinburgh Journal of Botany 77 (2): 291–309

Goodwin, Z.A. et al. (2015) Widespread mistaken identity in tropical plant collections. Current Biology 25 (22): R1066–R1067

Goodwin, Z.A. et al. (2013) A checklist of the vascular plants of the lowland savannas of Belize, Central America. Phytotaxa 101 (1): 1–119

Hicks, J., Goodwin, Z.A. et al. (2011) A floristic description of the San Pastor Savanna, Belize, Central America. Edinburgh Journal of Botany 68 (2): 273–296


The top sets of my specimens (numbers 100+) are held at E and BRH, additional sets are held at BM, MEXU, MO & K.



Selected Media Coverage

“Museum Mistakes” 2015 Interview with BBC World Service

Scotsman Interview 2015


Botanics Story: Learning on the job: students make valuable scientific discoveries

Botanics Story: Hot, steep and spiny – Exploring the forgotten forests of Latin America

Z.A. Goodwin (2016) Lets talk about coffee – correctly. Standart 6: 20-23

  • PhD, Univ. Oxford, 2018. “Completing the global inventory of plants–Species discovery and diversity”
  • MSc Biodiversity & Taxonomy of Plants, Univ. Edinburgh & Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, 2006. “Floral evolution in the Streptocarpus cyaneus (Moore) complex”
  • BSc Environmental Biology, Univ. St Andrews, 2005. “Further investigation into possible gene flow between sympatric Senecio glaucus L. and Senecio vernalis Waldst. & Kit. in Israel: evidence for a previously undetected hybrid swarm.”