Dr Colin Pendry, Editor of Flora of Nepal


Selected Publications since 2000

2018     Pendry, C.A., Ikeda, H., Pandey, J., Gudkova, P., Hinchliffe W. & Jackson, M. Plant collecting in Bajura District, Far West Nepal, August 2017. Newsletter of Himalayan Botany 50: 1-10.

2017     Adhikari, B., Pendry. C.A., Maren, I.E., Bhattarai, K.R. & Chaudhary, R.P. Distribution and preliminary conservation assessments of commonly used forest species in the Nepalese Himalayas. Ban ko Jankari, 27 (1): 1---24.

2017     Gudkova, P.D., Pendry, C.A., Nobis, M. & Bayahmetov, E. Stipa krylovii Roshev. (Poaceae), a new record for the flora of Nepal. Check List 13(1): 2056.

2015     Parnell, J. A. N.; Pilla, F.; Simpson, D. A.; Van Welzen, P. C.; Chayamarit, K.; Chantaranothai, P.; Boyce, P. C.; Bygrave, P.; Byrne, C.; Chen, S.; Couch, C.; Curtis, T.; Dransfield, S.; Duyfjes, B. E. E.; Eianthong, W.; Esser, H. J.; Grote, P. J.; Hua, Z.; Jebb, M. H. P.; Kirkup, D. W.; Loc, P. Ke; Larsen, Supree S.; Macklin, J.; Madern, A.; Meade, C.; Merklinger, F.; Middleton, D. J.; Moat, J.; Muasya, A. M.; Nakmuenwai, P.; Pedersen, Henrik Ærenlund; Pendry, C. A.; Prajaksood, A.; Pooma, R.; Preusapan, K.; Puglisi, C.; Sathapattayanon, A.; Sukkharak, P.; Staples, G.; Strijk, J.; Suddee, S.; Sungkaew, S.; Tangjitman, K.; Teerwatananon, A.; Tovaranonte, J.; Ung, T.; Blasi, A. Trias; De Wilde, W. J. J. O.; Wilkin, P.; Yahara, T.. A re-examination of the life and work of A.F.G. Kerr and of his colleagues and friends. Thai Forest Bulletin (Botany) 43: 111–131.

2015     Miehe, G. Pendry, C.A. & Chaudhary, R. Nepal: an introduction to the natural history, ecologyand human environment in the Himalayas. Edinburgh: Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. ISBN: 9781910877029.

2015     H.Ikeda, H., Noshiro, S., Yonekura, K., Akai, K., Yano, O., Yamamoto, N., Pendry, C.A., Elliott, A., Pathak, M., and Bhatta, G.D. Botanical Inventory in Darchura District, Far Western Nepal in 2012. Newsletter of Himalayan Botany 49: 5–10.

2015     Pendry, C.A. and Watson, M.F. Report on the 6th Editorial Meeting of the Flora of Nepal. Newsletter of Himalayan Botany 49: 29–38.

2015     B. Adhikari, R. Milne, R. T. Pennington, T. Särkinen & C.A. Pendry. Systematics and biogeography of Berberis s.l. inferred from nuclear ITS and chloroplast ndhF gene sequences. Taxon 64 (1): 39–48

2015     Watson, M.F., Lyal, H.C. & Pendry, C.A. Descriptive Taxonomy: The Foundation of Biodiversity Research. Cambridge University Press.

2014     Pendry, C.A. Polygalaceae. Flora of Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. 34.

2014     Pendry, C.A. & Watson, M.F. Report on the 5th International Editorial Meeting of the Flora of Nepal. Newsletter of Himalayan Botany, 48: 18-23.

2014     Saslis-Lagoudakis, C.H., Hawkins, J.A., Greenhill, S.J., Pendry, C. A., Watson, M. F., Tuladhar-Douglas, W., Baral, S.R. &  Savolainen, V. The evolution of traditional knowledge: environment shapes medicinal plant use in Nepal. Proc. R. Soc. B 2014 281, 20132768

2013     Adhikari, B., Pendry, C. A., Watson, M. F., & Wood, J. R. I. An account of Thunbergia (Acanthaceae) in Nepal, with a description of the new species T. nepalensis. Kew Bulletin, 68(4), 651-661.

2013     Pendry, C.A. & Adema, F. Polygala obliqua Pendry, a new species of Polygalaceae from northern Thailand. Thai Forest Bulletin (Botany), 41: 41-44.

2013     Paszko, B. & Pendry, C.A. Deyeuxia gaoligongensis (Poaceae: Agrostidinae), a new species from Gaoligong Shan in Yunnan, China. Phytotaxa 93 (1): 40–46.

2012     Pendry, C.A. & Watson, M. F. Flora of Nepal Fourth Editorial Meeting. Newsletter of Himalayan Botany 46: 16-23.

2012     Adhikari, B., Pendry, C.A., Pennington, R.T. & Milne, R.I. A Revision of Berberis s.s. (Berberidaceae) in Nepal. Edinburgh Journal of Botany 69: 447-522.

2012     Saslis-Lagoudakisa, C.H., Savolainen, V., Williamson, E.M., Forest, F., Wagstaff, S.J., Baral, S.R., Watson, M.F., Pendry, C.A., Hawkins, J. Phylogenies reveal predictive power of traditional medicine in bioprospecting. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 109(39): 15835-15840.

2011     Watson, M. F., Akiyama, S., Ikeda, H., Pendry, C.A., Rajbhandari, K.R.& Shrestha, K.K. (eds). Flora of Nepal. Volume 3. Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh.

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2011     Pendry, C.A. & Maden, K. Tetracentraceae. p. 10 in Flora of Nepal: Volume 3. Watson et al. (eds).

2011     Ikeda, H., Pendry, C.A.,Ohba, H.,Watson, M.F., Boufford, D.E., Siwakoti, M., Brach, A.R., Alexander, J.C.M., Manandhar, V., Rajbhandary, S., Joshi, N., King, C. & Ní Bhroin, C.D. Rosaceae. pp. 295-403 in Flora of Nepal: Volume 3. Watson et al. (eds).

2011     Egan, P.A., Pendry, C.A. & Shrestha, S. Papaveraceae. pp. 82-99 in Flora of Nepal: Volume 3. Watson et al. (eds).

2011     Poudel, R.C., Baba Y. & Pendry, C.A. Magnoliaceae. pp. 1-6 in Flora of Nepal: Volume 3. Watson et al. (eds).

2011     Akiyama, S., Gornall, R.J., Adhikari, B., Pendry, C.A. & Watson, M.F. Saxifragaceae. pp. 222-276 in Flora of Nepal: Volume 3. Watson et al. (eds).

2011     Shrestha, S., Shrestha, K.K. & Pendry, C.A. Hydrangeaceae. pp. 281-286 in Flora of Nepal: Volume 3. Watson et al. (eds).

2011     Pendry, C.A. Watson, M. F. & Blackmore, S. Flora of Nepal Third Editorial Meeting. Newsletter of Himalayan Botany 44: 4-8.

2011     Van Welzen, P.F., Madern, A., Raes, N., Parnell, J.A.N., Simpson, D.A., Byrne, C., Curtis, T., Macklin, J., Trias-Blasi, A., Prajaksood, A., Bygrave, P., Dransfield, S., Kirkup, D.W., Moat, J., Wilkin, P., Couch, C., Boyce. P.C., Chayamarit, K., Chantaranothai, P., Esser, H-J., Jebb, M.H.P., Larsen, K., Larsen, S.S., Nielsen, I., Meade, C., Middleton, D.J., Pendry, C.A., Musaya, A.M., Pattharahirantricin, N., Pooma, R., Suddee, S., Staples, G., Sungkaew, S. & Teerawatananon, A. 2011 The current and future status of Floristic Provinces in Thailand. pp 219 - 247 in, Trisurat, Y., Shrestha, R.P. & Alkemade, R. (eds), Land use, climate change and Biodiversity Modeling. Perspectives and applications, Hershey, Information Science Reference.

2010     Watson, M.F., Pendry, C.A. & Ikeda, H. Publication of Flora of Nepal. pp. 75-96 in Ikeda, H. and Noshiro, S. (eds.), Himalaya: Hotspot of Biodiversity. The University Museum, The University of Tokyo.

2010     Pendry, C.A., Epirixanthes compressa Pendry, a new species of Polygalaceae from Thailand. Thai Forest Bulletin 38: 184–186.

2010     Pendry, C.A., A new species of Neillia (Rosaceae) from Bhutan and eastern Nepal. Phytotaxa 10: 38–40.

2010     Ikeda, H., Noshiro, S., Pendry, C.A., Amano, M., Bhatta, G.D., Bhattarai, A.P., Dell, B., Tanaka, T., Wang, Y.J. & Yamamoto, N. Plant collecting in Doti and Bajhang districts in western Nepal in 2009. Newsletter of Himalayan Botany (43): 1-10.

2009     Pendry, C.A., Parnell, J.A.N. & Welzen, P.C. Biogeographic links between Thailand and Nepal and the potential for collaboration between their Flora projects. Thai Forest Bulletin (Botany) Special Issue: 169-185.

2009     Pendry, C.A., Noshiro, S., Baral, S.R., Rajbhandary, S., Kurmi, P.P., Dell, B. Adhikari, B. Plant collecting in western Nepal: the Jumla–Rara–Simikot Expedition 2008. Newsletter of Himalayan Botany 42: 1-15.

2009     Pendry, C.A., Watson, M.F., Shrestha, KK., Rajbhandari, K.R. Building capacity for plant biodiversity, inventory and conservation in Nepal: Activities of the recent Darwin Initiative Project in Nepal. Newsletter of Himalayan Botany 42: 16-27.

2009     Pendry, C.A. & Watson, M.F. Flora Malesiana and the Flora of Nepal: floristic links and the potential for collaboration. Blumea 54(1-3) 18-22.

2007     Pendry, C.A., Dick, J., Pullan, M.R., Miller, A.G., Neale, S.G., Knees, S., Watson, M.F. In search of a functional flora – towards a greater integration of ecology and taxonomy. Plant Ecology 192: 161-167.

2007     Watson, M.F., Blackmore S.B. & Pendry, C.A. Flora of Nepal second editorial meeting. Newsletter of Himalayan Botany 39, 40-50.

2005     Pennington, R.T., Lavin, M. Prado, D.E., Pendry, C.A. & Pell, S. Climate Change and Speciation. in Malhi, Y. & Phillips, O.L. (eds) Tropical forests and global atmospheric change. 199-214.

2004     Pendry, C.A. Monograph of Ruprechtia (Polygonaceae). Systematic Botany Monographs 67, 1-113.

2004     Pennington, R.T., Lavin, M., Prado, D.E., Pendry, C.A., Pell, S. & Butterworth, C.A. Historical climate change and speciation: neotropical seasonally dry forest plants show patterns of both Tertiary and Quaternary diversification. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society (Biological Sciences). 359, 515-538.

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2001     Pendry, C.A. Polygalaceae. Flora of Thailand, 7(3), 498-538.

2000     Pennington, R.T., Prado, D. & Pendry, C.A. Neotropical seasonally dry forests and Quaternary vegetation changes. Journal of Biogeography, 27, 261-273.


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