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Selected publications

Anderson Stewart, C., Taylor, J.E., Doilom, M. (2019) Analysis of fungal endophytes of Sitka spruce in Scottish plantations shows extensive fungal infections, novel host partners, and provides insight into origins. Forest Pathology, in press.

Iason, G.R., Taylor, J.E. and Helfer, S. (2018) Community-based biotic effects as determinants of tree resistance to pests and pathogens. Forest Ecology and Management, 417: 301-312.

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Research group and teaching


Jones, A. (2016) Variations in endophyte diversity of native and non-native pines in Scottish plantations. University of Edinburgh.

Anderson, C.R. (2015) Endophytes of Sitka spruce in Scottish plantations. University of Edinburgh.


Lindstrøm-Friggens, N. (2016) The diversity and abundance of aquatic ascomycetes in freshwater, estuarine & marine habitats. University of Edinburgh.

Haskell, R.E. (2013) Categorisation of morphological characteristics of three cryptic taxa within the fungal endophyte species, Lophodermium pinastri on Scots Pine (Pinus sylvestris). University of Edinburgh.

Current Lecturing

The Microbial World, University of Edinburgh.

Membership and committees

Member of the British Mycological Society (1992 – present) and Treasurer of the International Society for Fungal Conservation.