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Urban bees

Urban bees

Find out about our busy buzzing neighbours - the wild bees that inhabit our parks, gardens and urban spaces. There are 2,000 species of bees in Europe providing invaluable services to people and nature. Like their domestic cousin, the honey bee, wild bees are threatened and cities can become one of their last refuges.

International Garden Photographer of the Year

International Garden Photographer of the Year

An outdoor photography exhibition featuring gardens, plants and landscapes that reveal the diversity and beauty of our green planet. Presenting a selection of the winning entries from the world’s leading garden photography competitions by both amateur and professional photographers.

Amy Shelton: Bee Works | Florilegium

Amy Shelton: Bee Works | Florilegium

An exhibition of recent work exploring the current threats to the honeybee.

Daily Garden Walks

Celebrate the seasons and join our expert Garden Guides on a tour of the Garden. Discover seasonal highlights, hidden treasures and tales of the intrepid adventurers behind the plants on display.

Garden Design for Gardeners

A course that focuses mainly on the selection of plants for various settings and growing conditions, and explains how to create that all important year-round interest for your garden.

Intermediate Botanical Illustration (Tuesday mornings)

This class helps students to consolidate and develop their skills before moving on to the more advanced RBGE illustration courses and master classes. Suitable for students who have completed the ten-week beginners class.

Beginning Botanical Illustration (Tuesday afternoons)

This class introduces students to techniques in botanical painting.

Continuing Botanical Illustration

Designed to help those moving on from the beginner’s courses, this course will introduce different media and more involved drawing and colour mixing with each ten-week block focusing on a different subject.

Learn to Relax

Learning to relax is a friendly invitation to come home to yourself. Being present to whatever experiences arise in the mind without necessarily engaging them brings greater flexibility and clarity to one’s life. Six sessions over 12 weeks

Drawing for Beginners

This ten-week practical drawing course aims to inspire confidence in the beginner by achieving the basic drawing skills relevant to both botanical illustration and a fine art practice.

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