Nature of Food

Nature of Food

Sat 7 — Fri 13 Apr 2018

11.00 am — 4.00 pm
Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (find us)
Real Life Science Studio, John Hope Gateway Building
All ages
No booking required

Food is connected to just about every aspect of our lives. SEFARI presents a week of tasty science exploring what we eat and how the nation's diet affects our health and that of the natural world. Fun and engaging drop-in activities developed in association with Young Scot will be accompanied by pop-up talks presented by SEFARI scientists at 2pm and 3pm each day.

SEFARI short talks programme:

Sat 7 & Sun 8 April, 2pm & 3pm
Nae Mair Tatties - Can you imagine fish without chips, bangers without mash or haggis and neeps without tatties? The late blight disease threatens our potato crop, but help is at hand from the many wild relatives of the potato. Presented by the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh.

Mon 9 April, 2pm & 3pm
The Good, The Bad and The Bugs - Wholegrain cereals encourage the beneficial bugs in our guts that keep us healthy, but sometimes cereals contain unwanted toxins. How do we reap the rewards and at the same time avoid food contamination? Presented by The Rowett Institute.

Tue 10 April, 2pm & 3pm
Berry Good - Do you really need a reason to eat delicious berries?! Probably not, but find out why they are good for you, how to get most benefit, and why they may hold the key to combatting disease. Presented by The James Hutton Institute.

Wed 11 April, 2pm & 3pm
The Beast Within Us - Many different parasites choose to live within us and other animals. How do we become infected, and how do the parasites survive? Could parasites help us to develop new treatments for allergic diseases? Presented by Moredun Research Institute.

Thu 12 April, 2pm & 3pm
Creating Nutritional Diets with Maths - There are thousands of foods we can choose from, all with different amounts of nutrients we need, and some with too much of the bad stuff. Creating the right mix to stay healthy is a kind of maths problem with interesting answers. Presented by BioSS.

Fri 13 April, 2pm & 3pm
Let Sleeping Cows Lie - How important is sleep to cows? Many of us enjoy eating dairy products, so we need to know how to keep our cows healthy and happy. New research is exploring how important sleep is for cows, and how we can help them to sleep better. Presented by Scotland's Rural College (SRUC).

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