Growth & Art by Pauline Burbidge & Charles Poulsen

Growth & Art by Pauline Burbidge & Charles Poulsen

Wed 3 Jan — Thurs 8 Mar 2018

10.00 am — 3.30 pm
Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (find us)
Library Foyer, Science Buildings
No booking required

Pauline Burbidge and Charles Poulsen have lived in the Borders for 25 years. Drawing is at the heart of their work and inspiration comes from the natural world that surrounds them. Both artists connect strongly with an abstract vision.

In Pauline’s recent textile work she has used several basic printmaking methods including cyanotype, mono printing and rubbings and chooses to work with the imagery of plant forms. Her recent work has a strong relationship with Anna Atkins who pioneered the use of cyanotype printing as a method of recording plants in the 1840’s.

Charlie’s drawing works are about invisible forces and energies while he has used growing and training plants and trees to form his sculpture. Charlie’s work in growing and training trees, as an art form, relates to the work of the botanist John Hope and his experiments in the 18th Century with inarched trees and response of plant shoots to light and gravity.

The exhibition of works by Pauline and Charlie, Songs for Winter, runs at the City Art Centre from the 4th November to the 4th March 2018.

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