The facinating flora of South Africa - an illustrated talk by David Gwynne-Evans

Wed 11 June 2014

2.00 pm — 4.00 pm
Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (find us)
The Lecture Theatre
No booking required

David Gwynne-Evans has spent eighteen years documenting the flora of the Cape Floristic Kingdom of South Africa, the smallest plant kingdom in the world. In his talk, he will be detailing some of the greatest of his finds and the unique habitats in which they occur. Fran Siebrits was tasked with landscaping "The Boomslang" canopy walk at Kirstenbosch and is a part-time manager at the Kirstenbosch Garden Centre. Together they will be revealing South African gardening techniques and landscaping subjects.

"The Naked Botanist has had a camera in his hand through 18 years of botanical adventuring. Now he's teamed up with Fran Siebrits, former Kirstenbosch horticulturalist, to bring you a presentation of some of their most unusual discoveries in the Cape Floristic Kingdom.

University of Cape Town graduate David Gwynne-Evans, The Naked Botanist, has been collecting botanical stories and images from around Southern Africa his entire adult life. He has sheltered in caves, climbed cliffs, and drunk festering water to survive the highest olive-topped mountain in Namibia. He brushed with death during an expedition to a recently discovered forest in Mozambique. And together with Fran, he has trekked into the depths of De Hel where a community lived isolated until the 1960's. It was here that he discovered a further three new species to the more than 60 that he's described during his PhD, a revision of the sixth largest plant genus in South Africa, Hermannia.

David has made it somewhat of a lifestyle-hobby poking his macro lens into the eyes of bugs and sexual organs of flowers. He is finally ready to reveal some of these enchanting botanical journeys. However, he is here on a mission.

The ongoing assault upon biodiversity due to harmful agricultural practices, urbanisation and maltreatment of the environment is continuing to increase. David has devised a cocktail of solutions to protect the flora that is among the most diverse and threatened on this planet. Practical measures include creating a new knowledge engine on biodiversity, creating the world’s longest and most species rich nature reserve, as well as creating a new botanical garden in the heart of Cape Town.

This is David and Fran's inaugural tour of UK and Europe. Don't miss this singular opportunity to witness a presentation and meet them. Feast on botanical and landscape imagery, experience their stories of adventure, and help support their visionary projects."

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