Designed by Nature

Designed by Nature

Tues 26 Mar 2013

7.00 pm — 8.30 pm
Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (find us)
John Hope Gateway (access only via West Gate, Arboretum Place)
Tickets can be purchased in advance from or 08445572686

Art inspired by nature goes back to the dawn of human creativity. Professor Stephen Blackmore, Queen's Botanist and author of Green Universe, published in 2012 by Papadakis Publisher ( in collaboration with RBGE, will explore the microscopic world of plants in conversation with fashion designer Professor Helen Storey.

This event is programmed to coincide with the exhibition Green Universe: A Microscopic Voyage into the Plant Cell, 2 March - 7 May. Find out more:

Image: Cross section of the stem of the aquatic mare's tail (Hippuris vulgaris). Light microscope, bright field illumination. Prepared specimen stained with safranin. © Stephen Blackmore

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