Why We Love Big Trees - Edinburgh

Sat 20 Apr 2013

1.00 pm — 4.00 pm
Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (find us)
Look for signs on arrival
No booking required

As part of the launch of launch of our Talking Science project come along to the Royal Edinburgh Botanic Garden and celebrate John Muir's 175th Birthday. The event will be held at our unique collection of specimen tree at our famous John Muir Grove.

Talk to RBGE scientists about trees and how these amazing species are appreciated in our parks, gardens and landscapes. This event will give you the opportunity to talk to scientists about tree health and the management of big trees in parks and gardens throughout Scotland.

Discover why the Monkey Puzzle, Giant Redwood and Oak are so appreciated by many; consider their size, what the growth rings can tell us and how what grows above grounds relates to the changing climate. Discover the uses of these big tree species; did you know that some parts of these trees are edible?

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The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh is a charity (registration number SC007983)