Instuments from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

Sun 17 Mar 2013

11.00 am — 5.00 pm
Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (find us)
Fletcher Building
£50, £45 for Members
Booking Required. Please call the education office on 0131 248 2937.

As RBGE continues to develop scientific work in Colombia, regarded as the second most diverse country on Earth, we are celebrating this work through a series of ethnobotanical workshops and events, exploring and celebrating the cultural relationships between plants and people. This workshop is part of this exciting programme and promises to be a fascinating insight into the life, music, plants and culture of the Kogi tribe from the sacred mountain, the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

The day will be spent with a mixture of talks and practical activities to understand the stunning diversity of this land, and experience the wonderful culture. You will craft your own sacred Colombian shaker, traditionally called the “Maracon”, considered to be the hailstones caller and the rhythmic base for the use of The "Kuisi" or Gaitas - traditional Colombian flutes made of the heart of the "Cardon" cactus, bees wax mixed with cole and a female duck feather as a reed.

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