Introduction to Biodynamic Gardening

Sat 16 Mar 2013

10.00 am — 4.00 pm
Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (find us)
Nursery Classroom
£50, £45 for Members
Booking required. Please phone 0131 248 2937.

It is well-known that the Moon and Sun affect the living earth in many ways, so is it strange that other planets might do so, too? This course offers you an engaging introduction to using this knowledge on many levels to manage your garden work and enhance the quality, health and vigour of your plants. Food crops begin to taste better, keep better and are generally exciting to eat!


Biodynamic cultivation promotes not only good organic husbandry, but is also seen as a healing process for the land and its influence can extend considerably beyond its area of use. There are techniques to help protect your garden from harmful outside influences, to discourage plant pathogens, to feed your plants for optimum health and to promote excellent composting.


Come along, with a mind open to reviewing your thinking about the natural world and our role as gardeners within it.

“The Earth becomes the companion of Man – his friend and teacher”  J. Ruskin

This day workshop will cover –

·         the thoughts behind the biodynamic process and how they might resonate in each of us

·         the key biodynamic land, plant and compost preparations – their use and practical applications

·         a look at the cosmic elements that affect living processes on earth and how they can help or hinder our gardening

·         the use of a biodynamic calendar and planner

·         other biodynamic tools, tips and ingredients that you might find useful in your garden (including a ‘tea’ ceremony and a tree paste)

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