BioBlitz: Recording the Garden's Wildlife

Logan BioBlitz 2014

Following the success of the BioBlitz at midsummer last year in Edinburgh we are taking on the challenge to record as much wildlife as possible at Logan on the 28th June from 11am to 5pm. Full details here.

The aim of the BioBlitz is to get expert naturalists and the public to record as much wildlife as they can in a given time period. This concentrated effort will produce lots of new wildlife records. Below is a summary of what we discovered at the last BioBlitz.

Botanics BioBlitz 2013

The combined efforts of over 30 experts and the many ‘citizen scientists’ who got involved produced a list of 538 different species of animals, plants, fungi and lichens. Some 444 species were identified during the event and the remaining 94 were identified in the weeks after the event.

Animals: 220 species

Almost half of the recorded animals (102 out of 220 species) turned out to be new records for the Garden. This highlights the value of a BioBlitz for improving our knowledge of what wildlife is making use of the Garden as a habitat.

Mammals (4 species); amphibians (2 species); birds (33 species); butterflies (1 species); moths (71 species) and other animals (109 species)

Plants: 240 species

Flowering plants (149 species); conifers (1 species); ferns and allies (8 species); mosses and liverworts (82 species)

Fungi and lichens: 78 species

Fungi (23 species) and lichens (55 species)

By recording as much as we can during our Logan BioBlitz on 28th June we will get a better picture of the important role the Garden plays as a habitat for urban wildlife.

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BioBlitz partner organisations:

Pond dipping at RBGE in 2013.

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