Ash Dieback

Ash Dieback

The recent arrival of the ash dieback disease is a major threat to the 10 million ash trees in Scotland.

In May we will be launching a touring exhibition that explores the impact of ash dieback on our economy, our biodiversity and our landscape. The exhibit highlights how we can learn from this experience and what you can do to protect trees in the future. Check back soon for details of tour venues and dates. 

To download the podcasts and more more project info please click here or read the ash dieback blog.

Our three podcasts, hosted by Ali Murfitt, can be heard here. Ali travels around Scotland interviewing experts about ash dieback and what it means for our trees. 

Hidden in the Ash leaves

Discover the intricate relationships many species have with ash, the impact of ash dieback and what you can do to help.

Scotlands forests and the future
Find out what ash dieback is, why the health of Scotlands forests are threatened and how we can change this trend.

The World Tree

Visit one of Scotland’s oldest ash woods, delve into the myths and legends of the ash tree and hear how you can get involved to protect our woodlands for the future. 


This short animation illustrates what we can do to protect our trees in the future. Produced by Red Kite Animations. 

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