Plant of the Month: April 2012

The Rhododendron adenosum grow in open woodland where the plants will receive protection from frost. Pink buds open white with internal mottling and prominent flower parts.

Rhododendron vernicosum, is another collection made mid-way through Rock's prolific plant collecting career. Born in Austria, later taking American citizenship, during his eccentric life, Rock collected in the region of 40,000 plants. R. vernicosum is a strong growing plant now covered in bloom. The petals have a crinkle cut appearance and a warm pink glow.

Rhododendron ssp. cinnamomeum var. roseum is a plant spotted as garden worthy by Tony Schilling on a trip to Nepal in 1983. The retired Curator of Wakehurst Place collected seed from the parent  plant at 3048 metres in the Dorandi Valley. The internal brown markings show through as a pattern on the blush outer, which is especially prominent on ageing.

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