Woodland Garden

The Woodland Garden is a true exotic delight and has been developed from open fields over the last 40 years. It is a haven for a host of weird and wonderful plants and trees such as Eucalyptus to the Gunnera Bog. The Woodland Pond was re-developed during 2016 and is now a stunning addition to the Woodland area with a specially adapted decking for Children's Pond Dipping sessions. 

There are Tasmanian Creek Plantings and a series of maturing woodland glades that evoke parts of New Zealand, Chile and New South Wales in Australia. There is a breath-taking canopy of Eucalyptus over a middle stage of tree ferns and an under stage with an eclectic mix of ground ferns.

The awesome giant rhubarb-like Gunnera is a fantastic spectacle. Children will love walking through the tunnel with the amazing gunnera leaves towering above them.   

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