Garden features

Logan is an exotic paradise tucked away on the south-western tip of Scotland and set amidst some of the most majestic scenery the country has to offer.

Famed for its tender collections, Logan's Walled Garden is a showcase for brilliant blooms and is ablaze with colour throughout the season. The fishpond, adorned with water lilies, creates a focal point and embellishes the air of tranquillity within the Garden.

Birds-eye view of the Walled GardenWarmed by the Gulf Stream, the climate provides ideal growing conditions for an amazing collection of southern hemisphere plants.

The Woodland Garden is also a delight. It is a haven for a host of weird and wonderful plants and trees such as eucalyptus to the gunnera bog.Chusan Palms

The Discovery Centre, situated near to the main entrance, gives visitors the chance to learn more about the Garden and its history.

Scotland's most exotic garden never fails to impress whatever the time of year.

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