Conference ICT Facilities at RBGE

The text on the remainder of this page provides a template document describing ICT facilities from which event organisers can generate information to send to delegates as part of a conference pack (especially if they are presenting). To avoid distributing incorrect information, organisers should send their version to RBGE for review. RBGE cannot accept any liability for information distributed by event organisers.  As indicated, note that some items are optional, depending on whether that facility has been booked.


The presentation computer in each venue is a PC typically running Windows XP.  Default presentation software is MS Office PowerPoint 2007, with VGA video output to a digital projector.  An audio output facility from the computer is available and feeds the sound system in the venue.  Files originated from PowerPoint 98 onwards should work correctly.  Files originated in Mac PowerPoint normally run correctly on a PC, although you should check this when your presentation file is loaded (and ideally also before you travel).  Due to the variety of coding mechanisms in existence, video files may have difficulties.  If the video content is critical to the presentation, you are advised to submit the presentation to the conference organisers in advance for checking, or to have an alternative available.

You are asked to provide your presentation file during a break on the day preceding your slot by bringing it to the appropriate venue.  It will then be loaded onto the computer.  For those presenting on the first day please provide it during any break prior to your slot.

You may provide it on USB memory key (preferred) or on CD  A CD-R is preferable to a CD R/W.  You are advised to have a backup copy available.  Please name your file in the style ‘AuthorSurname-ShortTitle’.

Your presentation will normally be started for you by the Session chair.  The presentation will be normally be run using Presenter View.  The PC screen will show the Notes area, slide forward and reverse buttons, and a slide image.  The projector will show only the slide.  Slides may be changed by using the remote control (with laser pointer), by using the Spacebar, clicking the mouse or any of the other PowerPoint controls.

Internet access from the presentation PC can normally be provided, although subject to content filtering.  Please contact the conference organiser with details if you require this. 

A DVD / VHS tape player is also available on request.  In the Conference Room the unit is within the presenter’s lectern and self-operated.  In the Lecture Theatre it is remote and requires someone else to operate it.

Wi-Fi is available in the main venue rooms using the identifier 'Botanics Visitor'.  This does not require a password. Beware of similar sounding names which do require a password.

The following individual facilities are available only as booked:-

Access to PowerPoint for editing prior to handover of your file is available in the ICT Suite, as described below.

Delegate Computer Facilities

The following will be available:-

  • Delegates have access to the internet (e.g. to check e-mail) via 8 PCs in the RBGE’s ICT Suite.  No password is required to use this facility.  Content monitoring and filtering is in operation.
  • Delegates who are presenting will also have access to 2 PCs which may be used for editing PowerPoint files.  USB connections and CD re-writer is included in each.  A temporary login name and password will be provided to allow access to PowerPoint.

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