ICT/Audio-Visual Facilities

The various venues offer a selection of technical facilities to enable you to manage an event which includes modern styles of presentation.

The information below describes the specific availability of facilities at each venue. Costs and further information is given at ICT and A-V services and charges.  Please enquire if the facility you require is not shown.



Lecture Theatre

ence Room

Board Room

Board Room Annex

David Douglas Room

Patrick Geddes Room

Real Life Science Studio

Video/data projection/ monitor Yes Yes Yes Yes Request Yes Yes
Projection Screen Yes Yes Yes Yes Request Yes Yes
(see Note 1)
Yes Yes Yes Yes Request Yes Yes
DVD/VHS Player Yes
Yes   Yes Request Request Yes
SmartBoard(4) Yes

Video Conferencing System(7)       Yes Yes

VCS Bridge(7)       Yes Yes

PA system Yes(2) Yes(3)    

Induction loop(5) Yes Yes    

Lectern Yes Yes Request
Request Request Request
Document camera (Visualiser) Yes
    Request Request
35mm projector(6) Request Request Request Request Request Request Request
Overhead projector Request Request Request Request Request Request Request
Conference Phone(8) Request Request Request Request Request Request Request
Wi-Fi   Yes   Yes   Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Items marked as 'Request'are not permanently installed, and should be requested at the earliest opportunity to ensure availability. 


  1. Computer is normally a PC with Windows 7 and MS Office 2010.  USB memory socket and CD/DVD reader allow for transferring data.  Internet connection available, but does not allow you to install other software.  Connected to room audio system (except David Douglas Room).  You may bring your own laptop computer and connect it to the projection system.
  2. PA system includes wired stand microphone at lectern and one radio microphone (lapel mic), and optionally up to three further radio microphones (lapel mic) and up to two handheld/stand radio microphones.
  3. PA system includes microphone at lectern with basic mixing facilities as standard.  Alternatively a separate standalone PA facility is available for hire which can include handheld wired microphones (on stand), up to two radio microphones (handheld/stand) and mixing facility.
  4. Lecture Theatre has SMART Podium 24" Interactive Pen Display at the lectern; other venues have SMART Board (interactive whiteboard).
  5. For hearing aid users.
  6. Carousel type, limited availability.  Lecture Theatre has Elmo TRV-35H film to video converter, allowing slides in a standard carousel to be viewed via video projector.
  7. Video conference system (VCS) at John Hope Gateway is based on Polycom HDX system and requires compatible IP-based system at far end, or enquire about provision of video bridge facility. VCS in other venues is based around Skype or similar system, please discuss requirements in advance.
  8. Uses Polycom audio conference phone.  Where more than two parties are taking part then a dial-in conference facility can be arranged (advance notice required).

The following information may be helpful to users:-

  • The computers can be configured to run PowerPoint in 'normal mode' (same information on computer and projector screens) or in 'presenter mode', where the computer screen will show an image of the current slide, notes for that slide, the coming slides, clock and timer; the projector will show only the current slide.  Other documents (e.g. PDF presentations) can also be shown via the projector.
  • A remote control (with laser pointer) to advance slides in PowerPoint is available. 
  • Internet access from the presentation PC is available and is subject to content filtering.
  • All venues provide a computer screen (fixed or laptop) for the presenter in addition to the main audience screen.
  • It is recommended that presentations with video files are given extra time to set up and test.  You should check that Windows includes the correct codec for the format of your files.
  • Read-only (rather than re-writable) optical discs are recommended for both PC and DVD player.
  • For any event involving multiple speakers and presentations you are advised to have available someone to transfer and test presentation files on the computer, open and start up the next presentation, and operate the audio equipment.  RBGE is happy for clients providing their own technically-experienced personnel to do this, or can provide staff on request and subject to availability.
  • Basic operating instructions are provided at each area.  ICT staff are available during normal working hours (Mon-Fri 0900-1730, excl. public holidays) to address any equipment fault, such time will not be chargeable.
  • Polycom audio conference phone may be installed at most locations.
  • Webinars may be arranged at most locations, and normally use the audio conference phone.  Please enquire about use of IP-based audio in the Lecture Theatre.
  • For larger conference and similar events, a facility to allow delegates access to up to 8 computers connected to the internet (e.g. to allow them to check e-mail) may be available on a limited basis.  Please ask for details.
  • A template document on ICT facilities is provided at Conference ICT Facilities at RBGE from which event organisers can generate information to send to delegates.  To avoid distributing incorrect information, organisers must send their version to RBGE for review.  RBGE cannot accept any liability for information distributed by event organisers.

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