Montane Tropics

Plants with altitude

  • Built in 1978
  • Desired temperature: 10 - 13ºC
  • Relative humidity: 70%

North of the main range beside the Exhibition Hall are two more houses, Montane Tropics and Wet Tropics.

Rhododendron abietifolium, wild collected from Sabah in 1980These Houses display some of the important research collections and the Montane Tropics has been landscaped to provide the acidic conditions in which tender members of the heath family (Ericaceae) can thrive. This includes RBGE's exceptional collection of Vireya rhododendrons and associated plants.

Tecomanthe volubilis spp volubilis collected in West PapuaThe RBGE holds the national collection of Vireya rhododendrons and has been collaborating and collecting specimens all over South East Asia; including Borneo, Malaysia, Indonesia and Northern Australia.

The Glasshouse also displays the temperate Orchids both on the artificial trees and in the ever changing display case. On the opposite side of the Orchid Display case is the insectivorous plant collection; including the Venus fly trap (Dionaea muscipula) and sundews (Drosera).

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View of the Montane Tropics house.

View of the Montane Tropics house.

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