Alan Charlton

14 June - 28 July 2002 

I want my painting to be:
Abstract, Direct, Urban, Basic, Modest, Pure, Simple, Silent, Honest, Absolute.

At Art School in 1969 I made a group of paintings, instead of using stretcher bars I went to the timber yard and chose a standard timber size often used in general joinery work. After being prepared the size is 4.5cm, this then would be the depth of the paintings.

For the colour I chose the paint with a similar approach. Instead of buying paint from an art shop, I went to a hardware shop. Each painting was a single colour; red oxide, brown, green creosote, black, white, and grey. Each achieved what I wanted, no illusions, straightforward and urban in feel. The grey painting however went beyond this.

Since that time I have continued to use 4.5cm as the module and the paintings are always grey. I use these two constant elements to discover new ways of making my paintings. The paintings are not composed within the traditional rectangle picture frame but within the whole space of the room, therefore the space they exist in is part of the work.

Alan Charlton was born 1948, Sheffield, England and lives and works in Hertfordshire.

Supported by The Scottish Arts Council.

All works courtesy of the artist and Annely Judd Fine Art.

Room 1

Painting in 4 Parts 229.5cm x 229.5cm (1996)
Painting in 7 Parts 121.5cm x 121.5cm (1996)
Painting in 5 Parts 243cm x 144cm (1996)
Painting in 5 Parts 220.5cm x 220.5cm (1996)

Room 2

Canvas Drawing 83cm x 117.5cm (2001)
Painting in 3 Parts 144cm x 243cm (1996)
Canvas Drawing 83cm x 117.5cm (2001)

Room 3

Painting in 2 Greys 234cm x 414cm (2001)
Painting in 2 Greys 234cm x 414cm (2001)

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