Angus Hood and Christine Frew

18 October - 29 November 1998

Angus Hood

Angus Hood

Following successful group exhibitions in Scotland and abroad, Angus and Chrisitne presented colourful new work for the gallery. The two Edinburgh based artists brought in an eclectic range of influences to their work, from Helmut Lang to Sonic Youth, from Truman Capote to Chinese Supermarkets, from Amelia Earhart to Ad Reinhardt. This exhibition was accompanied by a specially commissioned essay by Judith Findlay:

Angus is in Edinburgh suspending images of supermodels on the white walls of Inverleith House, as the leaves change colour and drift gently in the sunshine;
but Christine is in New York working for a trendy art magazine, and can't be there to hang her paintings of female aviators, film stars, flowers and ponies.

So Angus is hanging HER work as well. But will she like it?

This weekend the internet is coming to the rescue, because we will be transmitting video images of the exhibition to Christine in New York, so that she can see how her show looks, and CHANGE IT (if its really necessary). She will also be able to see their beautiful friends at the opening champagne reception on Saturday, find out what they are wearing, and receive greetings.

Isn't art AND technology wonderful these days? We think so.

Angus is influenced by The Beach Boys, Sonic Youth, Helmut Lang, Chinese Supermarkets and food preparation. Christine is influenced by Truman Capote's ‘Swans', Amelia Earhart, headscarves and heroines. Both graduated with Honours in Painting from Edinburgh College of Art and have exhibited widely during the last 8 years. But this is their first major exhibition in their native Scotland, and it takes place in the perfect setting.

At the perfect time.

We think Christine will like it, and won't want to change anything.

List of Works

Angus Hood V. Bag. Disp.

Angus Hood Paintings, G, R, B, P.

Christine Frew Avion (in 37 parts)

Christine Frew Gloria Guinness at her house in Acapulco, Red, Black, Blue.

Christine Frew Truman with Gloria in the Flower Room at Gemini

Christine Frew Marella Agnelli/Babe Paley/The Leader of the Pack/Babe with Ring/Silver Babe/At Sea with Gloria Guinness/Babe Paley relaxes at her home in Round Hill,Jamaica/Palm

Angus Hood THANK YOU (Pearl River Amber)

Angus Hood 50 Smile JS unconditional love

Angus Hood SHHV Beads

Christine Frew Red Flower

Christine Frew Flower Painting, Dahlias

Christine Frew Flower Painting, Daffodils

Christine Frew Flower Painting, Carnations

Christine Frew Flower Painting, Tulips

Christine Frew Flowers

Christine Frew Yellow Flower

Angus Hood Graph Painting

Christine Frew Horses

Christine Frew Equestrian Moments (2)

Christine Frew Equestrian Moments (1)

Angus Hood Salisbury

Angus Hood A + C Conduit

Angus Hood Kate Lee M Red Feel the Cloth

Christine Frew Negative Babe, Bill and Truman at their estate in Round Hill, Jamaica/Positive Babe, Bill and Truman at their estate in Round Hill, Jamaica

Christine Frew Gloria Guinness relaxes at her home in Acapulco

Christine Frew Babe Paley relaxes at her home in Round Hill, Jamaica

Angus Hood B K L N Bonsai * K

All works courtesy of the artists. 

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