Inverleith House Archive: Formal Education

We, Gatherers

9 - 10 February 2008

"We, Gatherers" was a site-specific art exhibition of new work exploring the themes of information
collecting and classification which underpin our drive to understand the natural world. Produced
collaboratively by ten postgraduate artists studying Art, Space & Nature at Edinburgh College
of Art, the exhibition, which contained sculpture and performance, resulted from a term of
practical and theoretical study at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, led by the exhibitions
curatorial team at Inverleith House. The exhibition was created for the Caledonian Hall,
which was built for the Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society and subsequently used as the
Garden's Herbarium until 1964. Drawing upon its history and context, "We, Gatherers" questioned
our perceptions of classification, order, memory and identity in everyday life.
The "Art, Space & Nature" course is internationally recognised as being unique in providing a
platform for students from various disciplines to reflect and expand upon contemporary practice
within art, architecture and the natural world. The artists in "We, Gatherers" came together
from countries as distant as South Africa, Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, the United
States and Switzerland and from cities as close as Edinburgh and Glasgow; their professional
disciplines ranging from Architecture, landscape Architecture, Graphic Design and Textiles to
Drawing, Painting and Sculpture.
The artists were: Jacob Bee, Ronald Boer, Caitlin Comrie, Valerie Dempsey, Erin Gleason, Florian
Graf, Naomi Henning, Noreen Jennison*, Melissa MacRobert and Christine Wylie. 

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