Glasshouse Ramp

Agapanthus and Tulbaghia on the South side of the ramp.The Ramp leading down from the Glasshouse exit has created an ideal area for South African plants, a group of plants that has been worked on for some years by RBGE's Associates B. Burtt, O. Hilliard and K. Jong.

The raised bed creates a free draining site and maximises the benefits of the south facing aspect. Here you will find those classis sun worshippers usually confined to pots, the shelter of a wall or in our case, at our warmest Regional Garden, Logan Botanic Garden.

Dicksonia & Musa on the north side of the rampThe north side of the Ramp has a more tropical feel with Musa basjoo 'Sakhalin', Hedychium coccineum, and tree ferns (Cyathea and Dicksonia). These all require some protection over winter - from a simple, generous helping of mulch to the horticultural fleece packed with straw and, in the case of the tree ferns, a 'roof' to protect the crown from the rain.

Other garden features include....

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