The Chilean Rainforest Glade

RBGE has close links with Chile, and in April 1995 clearance work began on 6 hectares (15 acres) of the Massan Arboretum in order to create an area devoted to the plants of Chile.

All nine Chilean conifers are represented including Araucaria araucana (monkey puzzle), Austrocedrus chilensis, Fitzroya cupressoides, Saxegothaea conspicua and Podocarpus nubigenus, as are many Nothofagus (southern beech), including N. Antarctica, N. dombeyi and N. oblique. In addition, the striking Chilean bamboo Chusquea is planted here, along with Desfontainea spinosa and numerous myrtles.

All the plants have been grown from wild-collected material brought back by RBGE members of staff, including those working on the International Conifer Conservation Programme.

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