Five Steps to Slow Down Climate Change

  1. Try to reduce your carbon footprint.  Walk, cycle or use public transport and avoid using the car.  On longer journeys, take the train instead of a plane.

  2. Use energy-efficient lighting and if you are buying a new appliance, invest in a more energy-efficient one.

  3. Look at ways to better insulate your home to keep it warmer and prevent energy escaping.

  4. Use up your food and recycle where possible.  Food waste damages the environment and your wallet.

  5. Eat foods in season and try growing your own.  It helps cut down on food miles, trips to the supermarket and wastage. 

If you are interested in growing your own, why not purchase the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh’s book, Growing Your Own Vegetables, published in 2012.  To place your order, visit  All profits from Shop go directly towards supporting the work of the Garden.

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