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Peter Wilkie

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Research Interests

My main research activities are focused on tropical trees of South East Asia. I am particularly interested in the families Sapotaceae and Malvaceae s.l. My current research is focused on producing monographs of species rich genera in the Sapotaceae and regional floras of Malaysia. A key part of my research is producing and using molecular data to provide a robust phylogeny of the Sapotaceae in order to aid generic delimitation and support monographic research. An important output of my monographic research is conservation assessments of Sapotaceae species.

I manage the Sapotaceae Resource Centre which provides access to important data for monographic studies such as herbarium specimen images, field images and details of recent Sapotaceae publications. This is helping connect Sapotaceae researchers from around the world and provide a valuable research tool for monographers from countries that are species rich but resource poor.

Current Research Projects and Activities

  • Production of an account of Sapotaceae for the Flora of Peninsular Malaysia  
  • Publication of a phylogeny of the tribe Isonandreae
  • Publication of a phylogeny of Payena
  • Production of a Monograph of Palaquium
  • Maintain and develop the on-line Sapotaceae Resource Centre
  • Undertake Global IUCN Conservation Assessments for Sapotaceae
  • Supervise PhD Student on the taxonomic investigation of Pterospermum (Malvaceae-Dombeyoideae)

Current Positions

  • Chair of the Flora Malesiana Symposium 2016 Organising Committee
  • Member of the IUCN/ Species Survival Commission Global Tree Specialist Group
  • Secretary of the UK Systematics Association
  • CBD Policy Coordination for RBGE

Selected Publications

(please e-mail me for reprints)

Kümpers, B.M.C., Richardson, J.E., Anderberg, A.A., Wilkie, P., Ronse De Craene, L.P. (Submitted). The significance of meristic changes in the flowers of Sapotaceae Juss. Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society.

Wilkie, P. & Argent, G.C.G. (In Press) A new species of Diplycosia (Ericaceae) from Southern Kalimantan, Indonesia. Edinburgh Journal of Botany

Richardson, J.E., Bakar, A., Tosh, J. Armstrong, K., Smedmark, J., Andernerg, A.A., Slik, F., Wilkie, P. (2014). The influence of tectonics, sea-level changes and dispersal on migration and diversification of Isonandreae (Sapotaceae). Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society.174(1) 130-140.

Wilkie, P. (2013) A New Species of Pterospermum Schreb. (Dombeyoideae, Malvaceae/Sterculiaceae) from Southern Thailand. Thai Forest Bulletin. 41, 10-12.

Wilkie, P., Dalberg Poulsen, A., Harris, D., Forrest, L.L. (2013) The collection and storage of plant material for DNA extraction: The Teabag Method. Gardens’ Bulletin Singapore 65 (2) 231-234.

Wilkie, P. (2011) Towards an account of Sapotaceae for Flora Malesiana. Gardens’ Bulletin Singapore 63(1&2): 145-153 

Wilkie, P & Berhaman, A. (2011) Sterculiaceae. In: E. Soepadmo, L.G. Saw, Chung R.C.K. and Kiew, R. (eds.) Tree Flora of Sabah and Sarawak Vol 7. 108 pages.  Ampang Press Sdn. Bhd., Kuala Lumpur.

A. Sumadijaya, P.Wilkie, M. Hughes and S. Rasnovi (Submitted) A brief vegetation survey of Gunung Kemiri, Gunung Leuser National Park, Nangroe Aceh Darussalam. Flora Malesiana Bulletin.

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Phongsak, P. & Wilkie, P. (2008) Scaphium affine (Mast.) Pierre (Sterculiaceae) new for Thailand. Thai Forest Bulletin (Bot.) 36 61-69.

Wilkie, P. (2008) A new species of Scaphium (Sterculioideae, Malvaceae/Sterculiaceae) from Borneo. Edinburgh Journal of Botany 65(3) 1-7.

Argent, G., Wilkie, P., Madulid, D. (2007) Lobelia proctorii sp. nov. (Lobelioideae, Campanulaceae / Lobeliaceae) from the Philippines. Plant Ecology 192 (2) 157-160.

Wilkie, P. (2007) A new species of Pterospermum schreb. (Dombeyoideae, Malvaceae/Sterculiaceae) from Cambodia and Vietnam. Edinburgh Journal of Botany 64(2)179-183.

Wilkie, P., Clark, A., Pennington, R.T., Cheek, P., Bayer, C., & Wilcock, C.C. (2006) Phylogenetic Relationships within the Subfamily Sterculioideae (Malvaceae/Sterculiaceae-Sterculieae). Using the Chloroplast Gene ndhF. Systematic Botany 31:160-170.

Wortley, A.H. & Wilkie, P. (2005) Thematic Review of Darwin Initiative’s Contribution to the Global Taxonomy Initiative. DEFRA (UK Government) Report.

Wilkie, P. , Argent, G.,  Campbell, E.,  Saridan, A. (2004) The Diversity of 15 hectares of lowland mixed dipterocarp forest, Central Kalimantan. Biodiversity and Conservation 13, 695-708.

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Wilkie, P., Sands, M.J.S., Mendum. (1999) Begonia chloroneura (Begoniaceae): a new species from the Philippine island of Luzon. The New Plantsman Vol. 6. Part 3.

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Argent, G., Saridan, A., Campbell, E.J.F., Wilkie, P. (1997) Manual of the larger and more important non dipterocarp trees of Central Kalimantan. Two vol. Forest Research Institute, Samarinda, Indonesia

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