Cytotaxonomic research on Gesneriaceae started in the 1920s. Since then, around 1000 counts on members of the family have been published. At RBGE, cytology of the family has been pursued since the early 1960s. Living plants are ideal for cytotaxonomic work, as chromosomes can best be studied in roots or buds taken from actively growing plants.

FISH images showing 45S rnDNA sites in Streptocarpus johannis (top) and Aeschynanthus nummularius (bottom)
Aeschynanthus and Streptocarpus are the most intensively studied cytologically at present and our karyotype research has given interesting insight into the chromosome evolution within these genera: Streptocarpus species are very conservative and show little changes in chromosome numbers, while in Aeschynanthus chromosome evolution involved several changes in basic chromosome numbers. Fluorescent in-situ hybridisation (FISH) techniques are used to investigate the number and position of chromosome markers, such as ribosomal DNA sites in nucleolar organiser regions (NORs). Mapping these markers onto robust phylogenies allows us to investigate genome evolution in the absence of variation in chromosome numbers, such as within the subgenera of Streptocarpus.

A searchable cytology website ‘WebCyte' has been developed, summarising all published and unpublished chromosome investigations in Gesneriaceae. This database allows interactive searches for existing counts, as well as access to statistics of species or genus coverage.

Selected References:

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Michael Möller 

Kwiton Jong 

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