Phylogenetics and Systematics

My research revolves around generating molecular phylogenetic hypotheses at the species and higher level of Gesneriaceae. We have recently completed a phylogenetic framework (Möller et al 2009, 2011) and established a new formal classification for the family (Weber et al 2013).

I am also interested in testing systematic treatments of study groups and bring classifications up-to-date in line with phylogeny. This has resulted in the re-definition of several genera, such as Hemiboea, Oreocharis and Petrocodon, and the split into five genera, and the abandonment of the genus name, Chirita. Most recently, for the Afro-Malagasy Gesneriaceae of subtribe Streptocarpinae, basically the genus Streptocarpus, an infrageneric system was proposed.

Current Projects:

relationships and generic limits of Gesneriaceae  (with Prof John L. Clark, University of Alabama; Prof Anton Weber, University of Vienna)

Phylogeny, biogeography and dating of Gesneriaceae (with Javier Luna-Castro, Dr James Richardson, RBGE; Dr Richard Milne, University of Edinburgh; Dr John L Clark, University of Alabama)

generic delimitations and taxonomic revisions in subtribe Loxocarpinae (with Dr Carmen Puglisi, RBGE; Dr David Middleton, Singapore Botanic Garden; Dr Richard Milne, University of Edinburgh)

taxonomic revisions in Afro-Malagasy Streptocarpus (with Dr Kanae Nishii Tokyo Gakugei University; Prof Dirk Uwe Bellstedt, University of Stellenbosch)

taxonomic revision of Gesneriaceae of Sri Lanka (with Subhani Ranasinghe, RBGE; Dr Richard Milne, University of Edinburgh)

phylogeny and character evolution in Oreocharis (with Dr Wen-Hong Chen, Dr Yu-Min Shui, Kunming Institute of Botany)

delineation of Raphiocarpus (with Dr Yu-Min Shui, Dr Wen-Hong Chen, Kunming Institute of Botany)

taxonomy and biogeography of Corallodiscus (with Ping Zhou, Prof Li Jie, XTBG; Prof Lian-Ming Gao, Kunming Institute of Botany)

Previous Projects:

conservation biology of Paraisometrum mileense W.T.Wang [now Oreocharis mileensis (W.T.Wang) Mich.Möller & A.Weber] (with Dr Wen-Hong Chen, Dr Hong Wang, Kunming Institute of Botany)

tribal relationships in Old World Gesneriaceae (with Prof Anton Weber & Prof Michael Kiehn, University of Vienna; Dr Michelle Hollingsworth, Alexandra Clark, RBGE)

phylogenetic relationships of monotypic and small genera in Gesneriaceae from China (with Prof Wei Yi-Gang, Guangxi Institute of Botany)

Publications (chronologically):

Nishii K, M Hughes, M Briggs, E Haston, F Christie, MJ deVilliers, T Hanekom, WG Roos, DU Bellstedt, M MÖLLER. Streptocarpus redefined to include all Afro-Malagasy Gesneriaceae: Molecular phylogenies prove congruent with geography and cytology and uncovers remarkable morphological homoplasies. TAXON accepted.

Middleton DJ, K Nishii, C Puglisi, L Forrest, M Möller (2015). Chayamaritia (Gesneriaceae: Didymocarpoideae), a new genus from Southeast Asia. Plant Systematics and Evolution, in press.

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New Classification of Gesneriaceae (2013)

New Classification of Gesneriaceae (2013)

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